The Importance of Good Copy – How We Prioritize Your Website Assets

When you’re thinking about your company or organization’s website, it’s easy to simplify what you’re looking for. You need a web designer, right?

But there are three distinct, complimentary assets that comprise any website: 1) The copy – the text on the pages; 2) The design of the page (the layout, graphics, and images); and 3) The tech – the behind-the-scenes coding and setup so that your website will show up on all of the appropriate devices.

When you work with Pauquette LTD, here’s how we prioritize the creation of a “website.”

  1. The Copy – the text on the page is the most important factor for the success of any website. This is what sells your brand and converts customers. It doesn’t matter how fancy your website is, if the customer doesn’t understand what your product is and what makes your company unique, they won’t buy.  Our top priority for any website is to make sure that the text is clear, concise and inspires action. This is what we do better than anyone else.
  2. The Tech – if your customer can’t access your website, or the page shows up like a mess on their device, you’re not converting any new leads. We build responsive websites which adapt for excellent display on any device – a computer screen, a tablet, or a phone. Your website will load fast, so that your copy can get to work making the sale.
  3. The Design –We want your design to be the best that it can be, but if the design doesn’t support your great copy and make it easy for users to read, or if the design isn’t consistent with what we can technically guarantee to work with all devices, than it’s not a good design. Those other two parts of the project need to come first, the design is there to support and reinforce them.
See? Message trumps design.

Many of our competitors, big and small, start with the design. They have a designer make a static image of a beautiful website (called a “mockup”), and then they ask the copywriter to “just make the text fit,” and they insist the tech team “just make it work.” So often, this approach results in a website that looks great on a specific device type, but is a wreck for tablet and phone users, and it results in copy that is hasty and ineffective.

A great design is one that is easy for the customer to navigate, looks good on all devices, and supports and reinforces the messaging of the company. For websites that are successful at making sales and converting leads, the design is a supporting cast member, not the lead role.

If your website looks great, but it’s not making sales, bad priorities could be part of the issue.  Great text can overcome bad design, but good design rarely overcomes bad text.  Keep this in mind as your browse the web, and I think you’ll begin to notice that many of the most successful websites in the world have professional, but relatively simple designs. They work because the content works.

Is your web presence capturing as many new customers as you want and converting leads to sales? If not, let’s have a conversation. Let’s find a new way to broadcast your message and to turn your website into a sales machine that works for you.

Contact us here, shoot us an email at, or give us a call at 614-441-9777.  If you’d like to chat in person, our office is located in downtown Zanesville, Ohio, please reach out to set up an appointment.

3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

If you’re working social media, you should be seeing results. Not just “likes” and “shares.” You should be seeing new customers, new donors, new attendees—people showing up.

Whether you’re an amateur trying to bootstrap something from the ground up, or a professional, if you’re not seeing real results from your social media campaigns, here are three common reasons:

1. Your content doesn’t work. Writing good content is difficult, and each platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has its own unique conventions and user expectations. You may have noticed that when you read content from bigger companies that are crushing their social media, their content has this “it” factor, and yours just…doesn’t.

2. You’re not using all of the tools. Every social media platform has a unique set of tools, some free and some paid, that will leverage your content. So many small businesses are trying to pound in nails with the back end of their screwdriver, when there’s a bag full of hammers sitting right next to them.  Simply posting great content isn’t enough—if you don’t know where to find the tools and which boxes to check, you’re selling yourself short.

3 Reasons Social Media

3. You’re not spending any money. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t build Facebook out of the goodness of his heart, and the same is true of every other platform. Your reach and impact will be severely limited if you’re not spending some money.  Of course, it’s not worth spending any money if you’re not creating great content and using the free tools that are available to leverage your reach.

So what do you do?

First, target one platform. For most businesses, Facebook is the best first step. Cut out the other platforms until you learn one really well.  One platform with impact and depth is worth far more than spreading ineffective drivel across every available space.

Second, observe what makes good content. Not just the content you like, but what content is getting lots of reactions?  What are the small differences between what you’re writing and the text that is blowing up with interactions?  Is your text error-free? Are you using language which is strong, clear and inspires action? Is your text short and concise, or does it ramble?

Third, read. Read, read, read. Not every blog you read on the internet has good advice. But there is a lot of information out there.  Google “How do I reach more people on Facebook?” find an advice blogger with experience who makes sense to you, and then test it out.  You may have to spend money to reach a big audience on Facebook, but it’s super scalable, so you can test the advice you’re reading with $5. If that works, spend more. If it doesn’t work, find a different blog, and test their advice.

Finally, you can hire someone to help.  We’d love to assist you with your social media.  We get real results because we’re constantly learning and adapting. It’s literally our full-time job to stay on top of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why our clients see on average a 1,500% increase in social media exposure in their first month with us. Recently, author Aaron Daniel Behr increased his social media audience by more than 3,500% in one month. One month. What would that do for your business?

So let’s chat. Please contact us today. Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 614-441-9777.  Our office is located in downtown Zanesville, Ohio, and our first consultation is always free.

Make Your Social Media 15x More Effective Today

What if a reasonably priced product could make your employees 15x more productive? Or what if I had a gadget that could shrink your overhead by 94%?

You’d buy it, right?

So when I tell you that for a reasonable fee we can increase your social media exposure by at least 1,500%, it should be an easy sell.  We’re a local company in Zanesville, and we value small businesses. We don’t have any weird tricks or shady practices to get that kind of exposure, we just spend all day every day practicing, evaluating our results, learning, and improving.  This is our world.

Contact us at or 614-441-9777 to schedule a free consultation today. Our office is located in downtown Zanesville, Ohio.

In recent weeks, you may have heard a lot about Facebook changing their algorithm.  Simply put, their “algorithm” is their system for deciding who sees which content. Not all of your friends see every photo you post, and not every person who likes your Facebook page sees what’s posted there either. These new changes mean that less people are going to see the things your business posts on Facebook.

Unless you know how to play their game.

5 years ago your business could post on Facebook and everybody who “liked” your page, even some who didn’t, would see that content.  2 years ago, if you spent a few bucks on a “boost,” you’d get the same results.  Facebook has upped the ante again.  If you’re not producing great content and/or paying to get it out to your audience, no one is going to see it.

The days of effective amateur marketing on Facebook are over. And it’s a shame.

The average American spends 1 hours and 40 minutes with social media per day. Are they finding you?

It’s now more important than ever to have professional help with your social media.  The ever-changing rules are too much for a small business owner to keep up with, and it’s unlikely that your niece, intern or receptionist has the time and expertise to make this work either.

Our clients routinely see greater than a 1500% increase in exposure when they switch to our services, and that number averages in clients who are moving from another professional provider.  That’s 15x the exposure. Imagine that you found a way to get that kind of increase out of any other area of your business. You wouldn’t miss a step to make that happen.

How do we do it? With all due humility, we’re good at this.  We produce great content, and we know how to play Facebook’s game and get eyeballs on it. Let us take care of your social media, so that you can focus on what you do best, serving your customers.

Do you have all of the customers you want? If the answer is no, let’s chat. The consultation is free, and the worst case scenario is that we accidentally tell you all of our secrets. Contact us here, shoot us an email at, or call us at 614-441-9777.

Our typical clients range in budget from $100 to $3,000 per month to spend on social media marketing. Even at $100 per month, the results are real, and you will get more contacts.

We like Zanesville. And we like small business. Let’s win together.

Social MediaMarketing vs. Search Engine Marketing

You have a website. It looks professional, it clearly articulates your product or service. If someone interested in what you’re offering visits your website, there’s a clear path for them to take a next step and become your customer. Now what?

Websites are important. But launching your website doesn’t close the file on “web marketing.” For most companies, unless you’re actively driving potential clients to your website, it’s not going to get the results you expect.

Search engine marketing zanesville ohio
Customers are looking for businesses like yours. Are they finding you?

There are two excellent methods of driving traffic to your website which are appropriate and scalable for small businesses: search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Search engine marketing comes in a variety of forms, but the idea is to capture more traffic from people who are searching for a company like yours. If you’re an electrician, then whenever someone searches for “electrician” on Google in your area, your name should be the one they click.

Search engine marketing feels expensive, but it’s highly targeted. You may pay a few dollars or more for every lead that you get, but these leads are exactly the right type of customer you’re looking for. These are often people who are ready to buy today.

Social Media Marketing uses platforms like Facebook and Twitter to generate interest in your company, and ultimately drive customers to your website where you can capture them as customers. Social media marketing gets your name and product in front of a huge crowd at a low cost. Most clients are typically paying a few pennies for every customer that’s exposed to their product. But these are not high value targets. We expose your company to people who have a general interest, but not every contact is ready to buy right now.

For most companies, a balance of social media marketing and search engine marketing is the right choice. Search engine marketing gets qualified leads right now, while social media marketing keeps your existing customers engaged with your company and generates a crowd of customers over time. As we look at how to balance these two approaches to attracting new clients, we ask two questions. In the long term, does this client need a small number of BIG CLIENTS, or a BIG NUMBER of small customers? Is this a lifestyle product that someone buys frequently or repeatedly (like potato chips), or is this a major or one-time purchase (like a car)?

We would love to sit down with you this week to discuss your web marketing efforts. We’re happy to offer a free consultation at our office in Zanesville. In the modern world of web marketing, we understand how valuable it is to sit down with someone face to face and to begin a long-term relationship based on trust, solidified by results.

Please call us at 614-441-9777 or email us at

Comprehensive Web Marketing Services in Zanesville, Ohio

We are excited to launch Pauquette ltd as a premier provider of comprehensive web marketing services in Zanesville, Ohio.

Pauquette ltd has existed since 2009 as an umbrella LLC for the businesses of Brad and Melissa Pauquette. As those businesses have grown over the past nine years, several unique brands have developed offering web programming, search engine marketing, social media marketing and web design services. Pauquette ltd brings all of those skill sets into one cohesive, full-service web marketing company based in Zanesville, Ohio.

Our company is founded on helping small businesses.  While that’s something we’ve done with great success in Columbus, Ohio for nearly a decade, we’re looking forward to building up a new client base where we live, in Zanesville, Ohio.

Zanesville is a fantastic community with so many wonderful local businesses, both energetic new enterprises and established family businesses. But like many small cities, these local businesses are being swallowed up by big box stores and franchises, which benefit out-of-state shareholders.  We believe in small business and we believe that local is better. We’re thrilled to apply our marketing skillset alongside our friends and neighbors to keep our neighborhood businesses thriving in Eastern Ohio.

Our clients in Central Ohio and around the country have seen tremendous, measurable results from their marketing efforts with us. Please contact us today at 614-441-9777 or by email at to learn more about how we can make modern marketing opportunities work for your business.

Zanesville Ohio
Photo by Paul Sableman (Creative Commons) – Thanks Paul!