Comprehensive Web Marketing Services in Zanesville, Ohio

We are excited to launch Pauquette ltd as a premier provider of comprehensive web marketing services in Zanesville, Ohio.

Pauquette ltd has existed since 2009 as an umbrella LLC for the businesses of Brad and Melissa Pauquette. As those businesses have grown over the past nine years, several unique brands have developed offering web programming, search engine marketing, social media marketing and web design services. Pauquette ltd brings all of those skill sets into one cohesive, full-service web marketing company based in Zanesville, Ohio.

Our company is founded on helping small businesses.  While that’s something we’ve done with great success in Columbus, Ohio for nearly a decade, we’re looking forward to building up a new client base where we live, in Zanesville, Ohio.

Zanesville is a fantastic community with so many wonderful local businesses, both energetic new enterprises and established family businesses. But like many small cities, these local businesses are being swallowed up by big box stores and franchises, which benefit out-of-state shareholders.  We believe in small business and we believe that local is better. We’re thrilled to apply our marketing skillset alongside our friends and neighbors to keep our neighborhood businesses thriving in Eastern Ohio.

Our clients in Central Ohio and around the country have seen tremendous, measurable results from their marketing efforts with us. Please contact us today at 614-441-9777 or by email at to learn more about how we can make modern marketing opportunities work for your business.

Zanesville Ohio
Photo by Paul Sableman (Creative Commons) – Thanks Paul!

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