The Importance of Good Copy – How We Prioritize Your Website Assets

When you’re thinking about your company or organization’s website, it’s easy to simplify what you’re looking for. You need a web designer, right?

But there are three distinct, complimentary assets that comprise any website: 1) The copy – the text on the pages; 2) The design of the page (the layout, graphics, and images); and 3) The tech – the behind-the-scenes coding and setup so that your website will show up on all of the appropriate devices.

When you work with Pauquette LTD, here’s how we prioritize the creation of a “website.”

  1. The Copy – the text on the page is the most important factor for the success of any website. This is what sells your brand and converts customers. It doesn’t matter how fancy your website is, if the customer doesn’t understand what your product is and what makes your company unique, they won’t buy.  Our top priority for any website is to make sure that the text is clear, concise and inspires action. This is what we do better than anyone else.
  2. The Tech – if your customer can’t access your website, or the page shows up like a mess on their device, you’re not converting any new leads. We build responsive websites which adapt for excellent display on any device – a computer screen, a tablet, or a phone. Your website will load fast, so that your copy can get to work making the sale.
  3. The Design –We want your design to be the best that it can be, but if the design doesn’t support your great copy and make it easy for users to read, or if the design isn’t consistent with what we can technically guarantee to work with all devices, than it’s not a good design. Those other two parts of the project need to come first, the design is there to support and reinforce them.
See? Message trumps design.

Many of our competitors, big and small, start with the design. They have a designer make a static image of a beautiful website (called a “mockup”), and then they ask the copywriter to “just make the text fit,” and they insist the tech team “just make it work.” So often, this approach results in a website that looks great on a specific device type, but is a wreck for tablet and phone users, and it results in copy that is hasty and ineffective.

A great design is one that is easy for the customer to navigate, looks good on all devices, and supports and reinforces the messaging of the company. For websites that are successful at making sales and converting leads, the design is a supporting cast member, not the lead role.

If your website looks great, but it’s not making sales, bad priorities could be part of the issue.  Great text can overcome bad design, but good design rarely overcomes bad text.  Keep this in mind as your browse the web, and I think you’ll begin to notice that many of the most successful websites in the world have professional, but relatively simple designs. They work because the content works.

Is your web presence capturing as many new customers as you want and converting leads to sales? If not, let’s have a conversation. Let’s find a new way to broadcast your message and to turn your website into a sales machine that works for you.

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